A Runaway Goat - A book by Lucy Mathen

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“Lucy’s story is at bottom very simple. She wants to do good. And she finds the idea of compromising that simple notion impossible to contemplate.”

“… not being affected with the condition herself, she can spot a phoney at 300 paces – and then makes her feelings about phoniness unambiguously clear.”

“Lucy’s capacity to relish the absurd, even or especially when she is the butt of the joke, is essential for any one who spends a long time in India.”

Simon Barnes, The Times

Readers’ Comments

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“What a many-layered book! Part travel narrative, sketching lively vignettes of the real, enduring India behind the tinselly 'Growth Society' facade. Part thriller--- how is she going to keep the show on the road? Part succinct, shrewd analyses of the obese Aid Industry. ”
- Writer -Dervla Murphy

“In one sense it should be required reading in governance and business schools as a case study in how to get things done.
At a time when more and more attention is being focussed on the gap between the First World aspirations of developing nations and the poverty of a huge proportion of their citizens, A Runaway Goat is a warm and inspiring tale of how journalistic persistence, investigative skills and powers of persuasion can transform lives, 1 person at a time.”

- Broadcaster -Samira Ahmed

“I am presently devouring your runaway goat!  It's an intriguing and awe inspiring story!” 
“I have read your book three times now, and find it quite remarkable.”
Frank Maguire, Glasgow

“Just finished it. It is splendid. Beautifully written, passionate, clear and convincing. Bravo!”
Margaret Lazarus, California, USA

“Just finished reading your book—so incredibly inspiring what you and so many others have managed to accomplish in the past 10years! I started reading it last night and finished this morning—couldn’t put it down!”
Laurie Flowers, Massachusetts, USA

“A great read.”
Henry Rising, Exeter, Devon

“It made me feel I could really achieve anything if I put my mind to it, which is an overrated idea until you find examples of it.”
April Fernandez, Sydney, Australia