FAME - preventing childhood blindness

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FAME – Food, vitamin A supplements, Measles vaccination and Education. This is a unique interventional research project to prevent childhood blindness from Vitamin A deficiency. It is partly funded by the Ulverscroft Foundation. Key to the continuing success of FAME are the Canossian catholic sisters and their team who feed 300 children in Basman village every single day of the year. A government team administered the vaccination programme and Second Sight clinicians visit the project every few months to examine all the children. Below the children are seen enjoying mangoes rich in Vitamin A.

NB A group calling itself friendsagainstpovery.org are using extensive information and visual material on their website relating to this sensitive rural project. Second Sight and the Canossian Sisters’ Mother House at Lucknow would like to make it clear that this group has nothing to do with us. We have asked for the material to be removed.

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