Focus on Bihar- Araria district


The Yogmaya Devi Memorial Hospital is run by Dr. Utkarsh Bhardwaj and his team of eye surgeons and ophthalmic assistants. They have exceptionally high standards of care in their daily Out Patients Department and this year restored sight to over 5,500 people.

For the family below, there was both sadness and hope. 4 year-old Lakshmi, sitting on her grandfather’s shoulders, has a sightless bulging left eye - the result of malnutrition and Vitamin A deficiency. Nothing can now be done to cure her irreversible blindness. But the family were advised on how to prevent the same thing happening to Lakshmi’s little sister. With this knowledge, in spite of their poverty, they can save Baby Choti’s sight.

It takes just a few minutes to restore sight with cataract surgery. It takes months and years of follow up care and counselling to prevent this tragic childhood blindness that is common in Bihar. This is when dedicated eye hospitals, committed to their districts, come into their own.

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