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Charity of the Year 2019- Association of Optometrists and

British Medical Journal award 2012

‘In terms of value for money or need for financial assistance Second Sight win hands down over large organisations working in the same field.

Prof. Philip Bloom, Ophthalmologist, writing in the British Medical Journal, 2016.

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‘Founded and run by eye specialists so more focussed on quality of surgery and ethical practise.’

Dr. Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Ophthalmologist, Bihar.

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‘Low profile, high impact- at the other extreme to charities with numerous staff, big salaries and top-heavy offices in poor countries.’

John Sandford Smith MBE, Ophthalmologist
50 years experience in the developing world.

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‘The backbone of the eradication of blindness in Bihar.’

Thakur Dharmendra Singh
Director, Community Eye Hospital, Bihar.

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‘Close supervision of funding and standards in this work ensures high quality care at minimal cost for cataract-blind patients.’

Andrew Richards OBE, Ophthalmologist, 50 years experience in the developing world

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‘I have worked with many international NGOs but have never seen this way of working. There is no them and us attitude. The focus is simply on the patient.’

Jestin Anthony, MA Social Work Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai