Focus on Bihar – Laxman Eye Hospital

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Laxman Eye Hospital, Muzaffarpur district - the most well-known community eye hospital in northern Bihar.
This bustling city hospital carries out extensive and meticulous hut-to-hut screening in rural areas of four districts and in the slums of Muzaffarpur. They have carried out over 100,000 cataract operations, restoring sight to around 25,000 people each year. We helped establish a paediatric unit. In 2018 their senior surgeon Dr Kumar Krishnan was invited to an ophthalmic conference in the UK to make a presentation on Suitable, Integrated, Cost-effective and Sustainable eye services as implemented by small to medium-sized eye hospitals in Bihar.

NB Extensive information about this long-term Second Sight partner appears on the website of a new UK-based charity calling itself Friends Against Poverty. Both Second Sight and LEH would like to make it clear that we have no connection with this organisation and have asked for all information about Second Sight and the LEH to be removed from their website.

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